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Beaufils Dental

Dental Emergency Trusted Go-To for 24/7 Dental Care
If you are faced with a dental emergency, timing is everything. Seeking the immediate help of a Cooper City dental emergency professional can mean the difference between a speedy recovery and hours, even days, of lost sleep and inability to perform daily functions. Oral discomfort can lead to damage to the tissue in and around your teeth if left unattended. If addressed early, a dental emergency procedure can increase your odds of saving damaged teeth and help you avoid more painful consequences.

Types of Dental Emergencies We Offer After Hours Services – At an Extra Fee (But Trust Us, It’s Worth It)!

Experiencing immediate dental discomfort? For an additional fee, Dr. Lloyd Beaufils can help halt these discomforts before they worsen. Our emergency dentist in Cooper City is equipped to handle situations such as:

Chipped or loose tooth
Root Canal Treatment
Loose Crown
Trauma to the face
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Jaw pain